Android App Development Services

In search of Android application development services? With a decade's worth of experience, the skilled mobile application developers at Mega Sup possess the capability to provide effective solutions that span across various devices operating on the popular Android OS.

Comprehensive Android Development Services

Our approach involves a meticulous exploration of the market and a deep understanding of your business needs. Our goal is to unleash the complete potential of your enterprise with a top-tier Android development solution. We are committed to delivering tailor-made Android applications featuring a user-friendly interface, seamless navigation, and essential functionalities.

The range of mobile app development services provided by our Android team includes:

  • Custom Android app development
  • Smart TV app development
  • Wearables app development
  • IoT app development
  • Connected car apps

Advanced Android Technology Stack

To meet the exacting requirements of our clients and offer exceptional Android app development services, each developer at Mega Sup utilizes a diverse set of programming languages. This includes Java, C++, Kotlin, and an array of related technologies. Our Android developers stay abreast of all Android OS updates and employ cutting-edge technologies and proven methodologies. With an impressive track record of code creation and the development of numerous Android apps boasting both elegant design and extensive functionality, collaborating with us ensures consistently outstanding outcomes. Our priority is to ensure our clients receive digital products that perfectly align with their business objectives.

Programming Languages:








Our Comprehensive Development Process

We offer a complete cycle of Android app development services. This encompasses expert business analysis, the transformation of concepts into designs, the full-scale development of your Android mobile app from inception to launch, and post-launch support and maintenance. This commitment guarantees that your app remains up-to-date with rapidly evolving technologies and the dynamic demands of the market. We also extend a complimentary consultation to discuss your project requirements and provide the guidance you need to enhance your app.

1. In-depth Requirements Analysis

We perform a thorough analysis of project requirements, recommending the optimal architectural solution and outlining the roadmap for the entire project lifecycle.

2. UX/UI Design

Translating software specifications into a comprehensive design plan, we generate design mockups and create a prototype for your project.

3. Software Development

Our developers engage in both front-end and back-end development, crafting the programming code using the selected language.

4. Rigorous Testing

We conduct comprehensive quality assurance testing at every stage of development. This involves identifying defects, reporting issues, tracking bugs, fixing problems, and retesting the application.

5. Deployment and Ongoing Support

Upon completion, we release the final product, deploy it to the market, and provide post-release support and maintenance.

Android Application Development Services and Offerings

Mega Sup's team of expert engineers possesses vast knowledge and experience garnered from developing a wide array of mobile applications. Our diverse portfolio covers essential functionalities required by both businesses and users. Here's a snapshot of the solutions we can deliver:

Fintech App Development

Crafting mobile apps tailored to banking and financial institutions, fintech startups, and blockchain or cryptocurrency-related ventures.

Apps For The Entertainment Industry

Developing engaging and user-friendly mobile games and entertainment applications, suitable for all age groups, including children and adults. Our expertise extends to VR/AR-based apps and sports-centric applications.

Enterprise Mobile Apps

Drawing from our extensive experience in creating cost-effective software solutions for enterprises, we offer mobile app development to complement desktop or web solutions, empowering your workforce with enhanced capabilities.

Rebuilding of Android Apps

Our skilled mobile developers excel at improving existing app performance and introducing new features, even in situations where documentation is limited or only partial code is available.

Staff Augmentation

If you require additional expertise to augment your development team, Mega Sup's mobile app engineers are prepared to seamlessly integrate into your project.

Engaging with Mega Sup

Engaging with Mega Sup

Mega Sup's Android Solutions

In addition to our extensive experience in developing native and cross-platform applications, we have also developed three distinctive products for Android developers:

Realm Browser for Android

The Realm Browser Library facilitates the viewing and editing of Realm database files on Android devices, providing an essential tool for developers.


We offer a lightweight and customizable cross-platform EPUB SDK, tailored for the development of EPUB readers.

Svg Kit for Android

Our versatile library supports SVG Tiny specifications, delivering efficient SVG-based solutions for Android development projects.

Relevant Case Studies

Here are some noteworthy case studies that demonstrate our expertise:

Developing a Phone Usage Tracker App for Self-control using

Java & Android SDK

Creating a Client Android App for a Cloud-based OS using

Java & Android SDK

Designing a GPS-based App for Children's Location Tracking using

Java & Android SDK

Crafting a Mood-based Smart Music Player for Android using

Java & Android SDK

Implementing SVG Files Support Kit for Android using

Java & Android SDK

Building a Realm Databases Browser for Android using

Realm & Java & Android SDK

Developing SelfieKing, an App for Selfie Contests using

Java & Android SDK

Reworking an Existing Android App's APK for Enhanced Functionality


Enterprise AR (Augmented Reality) Mobile Application

AR & Android

Frequently Asked Questions

As a prominent Android app development company in Eastern Europe, Mega Sup excels in delivering secure, innovative, and scalable apps with exceptional performance and a seamless user experience. We also strive to share our expertise and best practices in the field of Android app development. Here are answers to some common questions:

Crafting a comprehensive app requires a team effort. At a minimum, you would need:

  • A mobile developer
  • A back-end developer
  • A DevOps specialist
  • A designer
  • A QA specialist

Outsourcing your project to an Android app development company would also provide a dedicated project manager to oversee development progress.

The development timeline varies based on factors like project scope, design complexity, and testing rigor. On average, a simple app might take 400-600 hours, a middle-complexity app around 600-800 hours, and a complex app could require 1000-1300 hours.

Each company's tech stack is unique, but in general, programming languages, integrated development environments, and auxiliary tools facilitate the development process. Explore the specific tools used by the Mega Sup team in the Android Technologies Stack section.

Successful Android app development hinges on skilled Android developers and well-defined business requirements. The latter is essential to ensure alignment with project objectives. Our experts offer a free consultation to help define your business objectives effectively.