C++ Web Development Services

Are you in need of C++ development services? Our team of skilled C and C++ developers excels in creating high-quality software solutions for native and cross-platform applications across Windows, MacOS, and Linux platforms.

С/C+ Development Services

We stand as a prominent player in the realm of C/C++ development, catering to a wide spectrum of needs — from low-level system programming, such as devising device drivers and embedded system development, to high-level application creation using STL and Qt frameworks for rich user interfaces. Our dedicated team of over 15 experts harnesses the full potential of this versatile technology stack.

Our array of software development services encompass:

  • Custom C/C++ development
  • C/C++ web development
  • C/C++ mobile app development
  • Cross-platform C++ development
  • C++ GUI development
  • Device driver development using C
  • Embedded software development using C
  • Windows system programming

Our Proficiency in C/C++ Software Development+

The Mega Sup C/C++ development team engineers a diverse range of software solutions applicable across numerous sectors, ensuring scalability, durability, and relevance over extended periods.

E-commerce Solutions

Our C/C++ developers boast extensive experience in constructing intricate and dependable solutions for e-commerce enterprises, enhancing transparency and efficiency within the purchasing process. Additionally, we craft comprehensive reporting systems and detailed statistical reports to aid in business analysis.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Leveraging the capabilities of C and C++ programming languages, we innovate augmented, virtual, and mixed reality applications tailored to diverse industry domains such as automotive, logistics, aerospace, education, healthcare, advertising, marketing, e-commerce, and retail.

Digital Publishing Solutions

With nearly two decades of experience, we specialize in creating intelligent, versatile digital e-publishing solutions for a variety of industries. As a C++ development company, our focus revolves around digitizing printed materials like books, newspapers, magazines, and reports, distributing them seamlessly across multiple electronic devices.

ERP Solutions

Mega Sup boasts a proven track record in designing tailored ERP solutions, harnessing the prowess of the C/C++ technology stack. Our expertise extends to crafting document management systems, business process management tools, KPI assessment systems, and more.

Educational Solutions

Our portfolio features a multitude of web, mobile, and cross-platform educational applications, all developed using C/C++ languages and the Qt Framework. This includes educational games for children and robust presentation solutions tailored for university settings.

Advertising Solutions

Our adept team specializes in building C/C++ applications to cater to the advertising industry's unique needs. Notably, we've developed a digital signage software solution used for billboard advertising and LCD displays in locations like hotels, airports, supermarkets, and public transportation hubs.

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C/C++ Technology Stack

Programming Languages

C/C++ , Shell Scripting , PERL scripting , Win API , COM , DCOM , MFC/WTL , STL , ATL , DDK , C++ REST SDK , GDI, GDI+, GCC, QT/QML, Boost, NDK, GTK+, wxWidgets, POSIX, DirectX, OpenGL, OpenAL

Operating Systems

Windows, Linux, UNIX, iOS, Android, macOS

Development Tools

MS C/C++ Compiler, GNU GCC, Autoconf, Visual Studio, XCode, Eclipse


MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite


VSO/TFS, JIRA, Stash, Test Manager, MSTest, NUnit, Moq, PartCover, NCover

Continuous Integration / Build Automation

VSO/TFS, Bamboo, CruiseControl, MSBuild, NAnt, Chocolatey

Development Approaches

Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Iterative, Waterfall, DDD, TDD

Why Choose Mega Sup?

Opting for our services means partnering with a team of experts proficient in low-level system programming, embedded systems, and desktop development, making the most of the capabilities offered by C/C++ and QT programming languages. Here's why you should consider us:

Skilled IT Professionals

Our team comprises more than 15 skilled and data-driven software engineers who specialize in C/C++ and QT. We offer desktop and embedded development services, tailoring native and cross-platform software solutions to meet our clients' business objectives.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Our hourly rates are notably competitive compared to Western Europe and the US. Engaging Mega Sup's C/C++ development services translates to cost savings, as it eliminates the need for extra expenses related to infrastructure, office space, salaries, and training.

Proficient in English

Mega Sup's C/C++ developers are adept in English communication. While we may not have native speaker fluency, our accents are clear and easily comprehensible.

Quality and Security

Mega Sup holds certifications in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 quality management and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 information security management standards, ensuring top-notch quality and security in our services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

C++ proves to be a strong contender for back-end development. It is renowned for its speed, robustness, and, most notably, reliability. This programming language shines in handling intricate projects that carry significant performance demands. For instance, it's an excellent fit for developing complex websites catering to a large user base.

The technical toolkit needed for developers varies based on the specific projects and industries they serve. Our development team employs a diverse range of development tools and technologies tailored to our projects and domains. To delve deeper into our technological stack, you can refer to the section titled C/C++ Technology Stack.

C and C++ find application in crafting a myriad of systems, including operating systems, databases, embedded systems, desktop and cross-platform application development, and the creation of graphical user interfaces.

C++ holds a significant role in diverse outsourcing services. Its versatility extends to constructing 2D and 3D animations, compilers, database software, desktop applications, web browser development, real-time applications, embedded systems, engineering and medical software, gaming applications and engines, media access software, operating systems, as well as printing and scanning applications.

C++ serves as a cornerstone in constructing a wide array of applications, encompassing 2D and 3D animations, compilers, database software, desktop applications, web browser development, real-time applications, embedded systems, engineering and medical software, gaming applications and engines, media access software, operating systems, and printing and scanning applications.