Cloud Development Services

Looking for comprehensive cloud application development services? Our expert team is here to provide a complete spectrum of solutions, ranging from initial consultation to seamless implementation and ongoing support.

Exceptional Cloud Computing Services

Our dedicated team of skilled professionals is committed to delivering top-tier cloud application development services. Drawing from over a decade of experience in developing applications for the cloud, we provide tailored solutions to meet the unique demands of our clients.

We have honed our expertise in offering end-to-end cloud application development services, encompassing a diverse range of offerings:

  • Amazon Cloud Application Development
  • Azure Cloud Application Development
  • Designing Cloud Computing Architectures
  • Seamless Cloud Migration Strategies
  • SaaS Development Services
  • IaaS Implementation
  • PaaS Solutions

Unmatched Cloud Development Proficiency

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Development

At Mega Sup, we possess extensive proficiency in deploying diverse infrastructure models, be it private, public, or hybrid cloud setups. Our IaaS services offer a pay-as-you-go framework for accessing storage, networking, servers, and other computing resources within the cloud. Our accomplishments span from crafting virtual machines to tailoring components to fit each client's infrastructure requirements, as well as pooling storage and computational resources.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) Development

Our PaaS development solutions promise unparalleled mobility within the cloud environment. We provide comprehensive support and maintenance for development environments through an array of development tools, including those dedicated to continuous integration. Our PaaS offerings also encompass prebuilt application components, streamlining database migration and data integration processes.

Software as a Service (SaaS) Development

Our extensive experience in SaaS development encompasses the creation of cloud-based applications with seamless data integration, robust security measures, scalability, and efficient management of service levels. Our involvement covers every facet of development, from SaaS architecture design to rigorous unit testing, debugging, and seamless integration.

Outsourcing Software Development Excellence by Mega Sup

Partnering with Mega Sup unlocks access to a wealth of collective experience and expertise, enriching your software development endeavors. As a premier outsourcing software development company in Eastern Europe, we prioritize establishing enduring business relationships and guiding you through your most significant software development challenges. Our array of outsourced software development services is meticulously tailored to cater to our partners' specific needs.

Tailored Cloud Application Solutions

Mega Sup's accomplished teams leverage their engineering acumen, industry insight, and business acumen to deliver adaptable cloud-based applications. We harness cutting-edge cloud technologies and forward-looking development approaches to create bespoke solutions that encompass the full spectrum of features expected from modern cloud-based applications.

Cutting-Edge Cloud-Native Applications

Our team excels in the development of cloud-native applications, deployed as microservices and operating within a containerized and dynamically orchestrated platform. This agile DevOps-based approach ensures elastic infrastructure management through continuous delivery workflows.

Seamless Cloud Migration and Integration

Whether you require a one-time migration from legacy systems or real-time integration between data sources, Mega Sup's expert team ensures a seamless process that prioritizes the preservation of data integrity. As a seasoned cloud app development company, we excel in assessing, porting, re-engineering, and upgrading applications, backed by our in-depth expertise in cloud migration and porting.

Holistic Cloud Data Management Solutions

Mega Sup's cloud solutions for data management encompass the development of robust strategies with a comprehensive view of data across its entire lifecycle. From data backup and recovery to robust security measures, visibility, orchestration, and automation, our solutions span every facet of data management.

Cloud SDK Development

Beyond our traditional cloud application development services, our team excels in crafting software development kits that empower clients to exercise full control over their cloud-based solutions.

Revolutionary Cloud ERP Solutions

Our cloud ERP software solutions, powered by advanced technologies like predictive analytics, digital assistants, and machine learning, empower clients to seamlessly transition into Intelligent Enterprises. Offering anytime, anywhere access to critical business applications, our cloud ERP solutions foster growth, innovation, and resource optimization.

Our Premier Offerings

AWS API Gateway Custom Client

Experience effortless access to Amazon's API Gateway resources with Mega Sup's custom client. This client dramatically simplifies Amazon API utilization, thanks to its enhanced usability.

EpubCloud Solution

EpubCloud seamlessly combines Cloud Storage with an EPUB Reader, allowing effortless hosting, storage, and sharing of EPUB files across various devices for convenient reading.

Cloud Computing Technologies

Cutting-Edge Cloud Computing Technologies
  • Explore a range of cloud infrastructure models, including Private, Public, Hybrid, and Multi Cloud setups.

Leading Cloud Platforms
  • Choose from a diverse lineup of cloud platforms, including AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, and Heroku.

Relevant Case Studies

Electron-Based Cross-Platform UI Library

Java Development for SaaS with SQLite Integration

Innovative Lab Test Delivery Solution

Utilizing Node.js, SaaS, React, Docker, and PHP/Laravel for Seamless Delivery

EpubCloud Integration for E-Publishing

Integration of epuBear SDK with Amazon STS for Enhanced Cloud Solutions

Salesforce-Powered Cloud CRM Solution

Leveraging REST, SOAP,, SalesForce1, and Marketing Cloud for CRM Excellence

AWS-Driven Big Data Project

Harnessing Apache Spark over Hadoop, Apache Parquet, MySQL Server, Apache Tomcat, and Linux on AWS

Efficient Cloud Infrastructure Setup for Facility Management

Using Docker, Xen, OpenStack, Jenkins, Git/Mercurial, Ansible, Zabbix, and Nagios for Robust Infrastructure

Revolutionary Web Browser Desktop Environment

Creating a Dynamic Environment with Apache Commons, Lucene, Spring Libraries, LDAP, MS Active Directory, WebDav, WAP, and IMAP

At Mega Sup, we're committed to pushing the boundaries of cloud application development, offering innovative solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the digital age.