Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Are you seeking comprehensive cross-platform mobile app development solutions? Our dedicated team of mobile app developers offers end-to-end services, spanning from initial business analysis to the final stages of delivery, publication, and ongoing support.

Our Expertise in Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Our adept team possesses extensive expertise in harnessing the power of modern technologies for cross-platform app development. We are proficient in utilizing HTML5, JavaScript, Qt, and other dynamic tools. Moreover, our familiarity extends to Xamarin, a platform oriented around the .NET Framework. With over five years of experience, we have successfully executed numerous cross-platform projects using a range of tools like Appcelerator, Cordova (PhoneGap), Flutter, and various others, streamlining the cross-platform mobile development journey.

Our Offered Cross-Platform Mobile Development Services

In addition to our proficiency in custom mobile app development, our repertoire of cross-platform app development services includes:

  • Cross-Platform App Design
  • Cross-Platform Development using .NET Core and C#
  • Cross-Platform Development using Xamarin
  • Cross-Platform Development using Flutter
  • Comprehensive Cross-Platform Development for iOS and Android

Languages & Frameworks We Master

Our team is well-versed in a diverse set of languages and frameworks that underpin cross-platform app development, including:







Diverse Cross-Platform App Development Solutions

Inventory Management Cross-Platform Apps

Our proficient team excels in crafting inventory management solutions that unify financial, logistical, operational, and inventory-related aspects for businesses. We specialize in cross-platform app development, leveraging RFID and barcode/QR code scanning for efficient inventory tracking.

Augmented Reality Cross-Platform Apps

Experience the prowess of our Mega Sup team through immersive cross-platform mobile apps that seamlessly integrate smartphone and tablet cameras and sensors. These apps superimpose 2D and 3D models onto real-world objects, unlocking augmented reality experiences.

Digital Publishing Cross-Platform Apps

With two decades of experience and a deep-rooted understanding of the digital publishing landscape, we engineer cross-platform electronic publishing systems that are intelligent and robust.

Enterprise Cross-platform Apps

Mega Sup is your partner in crafting cross-platform apps tailored to the unique needs of enterprises across diverse industries. Count on us to provide optimal solutions aligned with your requirements, expectations, and budget.

Getting Started with Us

Initiating collaboration with us is a straightforward process. Take a look at our Engagement Models to discover how we can align our expertise with your project's scope and scale.

Relevant Project Cases

Mobile App for Inventory Management

Explore how we innovated with cross-platform mobile app technology to enhance inventory management processes.

Augmented Reality Postcard App

Discover our fusion of AR technology, C++ expertise, and cross-platform app development in this intriguing project.

Electron-Based Cross-Platform UI Library

Delve into the realm of our cross-platform app and SaaS integration with Node.js using Electron-based UI library technology.

Syncing Contacts and Calendars via Office 365 REST Services

Uncover the synergy of cross-platform app development, .NET, and JavaScript as we demonstrate seamless synchronization with Office 365 services.

At Mega Sup, we offer more than just cross-platform app development; we deliver transformative solutions that redefine possibilities. Collaborate with us to turn your vision into reality and create cutting-edge mobile experiences that resonate with your audience.